Meet the team

Burt Casey photo

Burt Casey, Owner

Burt developed a love for beer living in Vienna, Austria working at a refugee camp.

He’s tried all sorts of beers in bizarre places around the world (stop by for a good story). He loves the amazing variety in the craft market & was impressed with the incredible quality of local Chattanooga craft beer, and wanted to create a space for community and relationships to flourish. He wanted to bring a self-pour concept to Chattanooga to be a part of River City becoming the next big craft beer destination (it’s happening, folks!).

Braydon LaBorde photo

Braydon LaBorde, Culinary Director

Chef Braydon is from Seattle, WA but moved to Chattanooga after spending time traveling the country, picking up experiences and cuisine inspiration along the way. Braydon enjoys creating music, being on the water, and spending time with people he cares about.

Our new menu, CHOW Language, was created as an outlet for all types of cultural cuisine that Braydon has picked up in his travels, to create a unique journey for the guest to dive into different cultures and experiences.